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December 30, 2016
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restricted key and auto key replacement

auto key replacement, restricted key

Raise your hand if you know what a restricted key is.  In fact, how many of us have even heard about restricted keys or auto key replacement?  Probably not many.  What is a restricted key anyway?

Restricted keys are a special key you can only get cut if you have a registration card or are an authorized person entitled to have that key cut.  Why use a restricted key?  Primarily for extra security.  The main advantage is that it will prevent unwanted copies from being made and shared.  For instance, if you are entrusting others to have a key to your kingdom like a contractor, gardener or maid you can feel a lot safer handing them a restricted key rather than a regular one.

restricted key

A restricted key is a great asset to a landlord or apartment complex where they will not have to replace keys every time a tenant leaves the premises.  Restricted keys are also useful in that they can prevent “bumping,” used by criminals to gain easy access to your home, apartment or business.  The reason a restricted key prevents bumping is because a bump key must correspond to the target lock in order to function correctly.

auto key replacement

Costs for restricted keys vary but they are much less expensive than digital locks and greatly increase your security.  Some locksmiths require an owner to produce a registration card that comes with the lock and others require a letter approval with a signature check.  In any case you can’t go wrong making the switch from an ordinary lock and key to a restricted key.  Anything helps to lower the risk.

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In case of emergency or you want to arrange security survey for your office or home, you can contact me right away. For more information on my list of services and what I can offer you, contact me It is possible I may even give you the right solution over the phone.

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